Alpi Apuane 25 km

What makes Versilia unique is, among other things, the sea-mountain contrast, which is the protagonist of the varied and impressiveA landscape of the Apuan Alps that looks impressive on the Tyrrhenian Sea.It is an area rich in caves, some of which can only be visited with the help of experienced guides. The Apuane are predominantly composed of compact rocks, from which the famous white marble is extracted, which has made the whole area famous already in Michelangelo's times, which was supplied with marble and then used for works such as La Pietà and "David", the latter exhibited at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.The Alps run parallel to the Apennines Tosco Emiliano, but the two chains are different: while the Apennines appear as an imposing bastion where no peak stands out particularly, the Apuanes are instead a constellation of pointed and steep mountains, each with a distinctive profile And its own character.To separate the Apuan Alps from the Apennines Tosco Emiliano is the vast valley of Garfagnana, an area of ​​extraordinary natural beauty, rich in history and traditions, and a tasty local cuisine.In the summer, the Apuane lends itself to pleasant rock climbing for mountaineering enthusiasts, while in winter, the proximity to the sea causes wet snow to attack the rocks even on improbable slopes, thus giving life to unmatched skiing routes For commitment, continuity and aesthetics.