CARNIVAL: Carnival of Viareggio, the most beautiful of Italy

Gigantic allegory wagons go on the avenue of daisies, in a swirl of colors, music, confetti and sparkling stars, fun and joy in the pure state that will make happy children, boys, parents and grandparents. A month of rustic festivals, theater shows, gourmet appointments, masked masks and sporting events. Every Sunday, the triple cannon blast will sanction the beginning of the party and thousands of masked people will go on the avenues to rejoice and have fun and invite you to Do it with them. It will be back in February 2018MASKED COURSESThe triple shot of cannon is the unmistakable sign that Viareggio begins the party. Shot by the sea gives, every time, the way to the parade of the wagons. Like magic, giant masks come to life with movements, music and dances. An ever new, exciting and fascinating show. Five Great Masked Courses, focused on a unique month of great celebrations.