10 things to do in Viareggio, excursions, markets, secret routes. 

10 cose da fare a viareggio: 10 cose da fare a viareggio

Viareggio is one of the most famous seaside resorts of Versilia, but it is not only sea, sun, carnival.the staff of Hotel Tahiti would like to suggest a list of 10 unforgettable activities that you can do if you decide to take a holiday in hour hotel . PHOTO
1-Walk on the cliff
The charm of this area is indisputable, a long cliff-edge promenade that protects the port of Viareggio until it reaches the green lighthouse that signals the boats, the mouth of the harbor. The sea breaks on the cliff, marking the time for your steps, on the one hand you have the sea with its infinite horizon, and if you look to Viareggio you can admire the breathtaking panorama of the Apuan Alps. Romantic

scogliera di viareggio

2-Excursion to the "oasi Lipu massaciuccoli" on foot or cayak
From the Nature Reserve's visits to the Nature Reserve, the nature trail reaches the three observation huts. The area is equipped with pedestrian walkways and the walk is pleasant and interesting. It can also be made by families with children, but if you want to take full advantage of the beauty of the lake, the Nature Reserve offers various opportunities for excursions to the water, By boat for groups, barkboards or canoes for single visitors. 

 oasi lipu massaciuccoli

3-Natural Visit in Navy on Lake Massaciuccoli
An excursion to the lake and the swamp on board the Navicello, an old wooden boat recently restored, unique in Tuscany.
Historically, naval vessels were used to transport freight between the adjacent banks of the lake, through a real big communication channel, water.
Mostly used for freight transport, which was once traded, or stone boulders extracted from the Massaciuccoli quarries, with the abandonment of these rural activities the ships were destroyed or abandoned. The latter, which remained at the bottom of a canal for forty years, was restored and restored thanks to the contribution of Parco Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli. By reservation the Oasi organizes historical excursions - naturalistic for small groups also organized with tasting typical local products, or ancient Roman recipes. For unorganized visitors it is possible to participate in the various events that are organized during the spring and summer seasons. Http://www.oasilipumaciuccoli.org/in-navicello/ Adventurosa.


4-Boat Fun Boat Excursion
A beautiful boat ride to discover the port of Viareggio with its explanation of Viareggio shipbuilding and various historical facts about the city, but not only, and also to be able to take a full day to the beach of the gombo in the park of San Rossore, 10 km from Viareggio and reachable only by sea, or book an aperitif at sunset in the middle of the sea in the stretch of coast between Viareggio and camaiore beach. A new and interesting way to spend a couple of hours or a full day in contact with the sea. Unmissable .

tourist fun boat:

5-Boat trip to 5 lands
UNESCO Heritage since 1997, the Cinque Terre are hamlets enclosed in a stretch of coastline of the Ligurian Riviera: Monterosso, Vernazza, Coniglia, Manarola and Rio Maggiore. An enchanted atmosphere characterizes these places and, of course, will not miss a bit of romance through the "Way of Love". Every day in the summer a boat leaves from Viareggio crossing the entire Versiliese coastline into the 5 lands. A fabulous day off to discover five small villages perched on the cliff overlooking the sea. Unforgettable experience .

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6-A Fish and Chips on the pier

Every day in the Burlamacca canal as far as the Viareggio promenade, a dozen boats are eager to sell the fish caught in the Tyrrhenian Sea at night. Two of these boats have been transformed into street food restaurants and here you can enjoy exquisite fried mixed fish, grilled fish, while grilled tuna and other delicacies, cooked on the moment is to savor walking around the pier and admiring the harbor the sea and the scenery. Tasty.

Friggitoria Gastronomia dei Mari, Viareggio

7-visit typical markets and mercati
Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore and Forte dei marmi offer in the various groups of the week interesting markets with typical products and handicrafts, gastronomy, leather handbags and all around are held around Viareggio, on the avenues of the sea, or at the "piazzone "In the center of Viareggio. Here are all the schedules.
MERCATI GIORNALIERI A VIAREGGIO Forte dei Marmi,Lido di Camaiore,Vallecchia,Torre del Lago
Lunedì:Seravezza-Lido di Camaiore (Viale J.F. Kennedy
Martedì: Massarosa,Viareggio: Via Filzi - ex Campo d'Aviazione -Capezzano Pianore (Piazza degli Alpini)
Mercoledì:VIAREGGIO Via Mons.Bartoletti angolo Via Matanna-Migliarina-Forte di Marmi (dalle 8.00 alle 14.00, Piazza Guglielmo Marconi)-Stiava
Giovedì:Pietrasanta (Piazza Statuto)-Viareggio (Passeggiata e Centro Città)Viale Marconi,Via Fratti-Lido di Camaiore (Passeggiata)
Venerdì:Camaiore (Via Oberdan)-Torre del Lago Puccini Viale Giovanni XXIII - Torre del Lago-Vallecchia
Sabato:Marina di Pietrasanta (Tonfano)-Querceta-Viareggio (Marco Polo) 
Domenica:Forte dei Marmi (da Pasqua fino all'ultima domenica di settembre, Piazza Guglielmo Marconi)-Lido di Camaiore (Periodo estivo, Passeggiata)
MERCATO MENSILE DELL'ANTIQUARIATO:VIAREGGIO Terrazza della Repubblica - 4° e 5° domenica e sabato antecedente 

mercatini di lido

8-Shopping or Relaxing in Passeggiata a Viareggio?
Viale Giosuè Carducci is the name of the street, most commonly known as "Viareggio's Promenade", which collects numerous boutiques and shops of the most prestigious European and international Italian fashion brands. It is a place that has always attracted a lot of peoples from viareggio and non, which also go from distant towns to spend their free time shopping or relaxing in the sun. Here are also many chic bars and restaurants from which you can enjoy a wonderful sea view and be a bit cool. For those who prefer a quicker snack, the numerous avenue dining venues, offer many alternatives to satisfy every need. In addition to the shops there are many handicraft ice cream parlors offering a wide range of tastes from the most traditional to the most original ones.

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9-See Puccini lyric festival at Torre del Lago
Attending one of Puccini's works that take place in the summer at Torre del Lago during the Puccinian festival is an unforgettable experience to live for both adult and outdoor theater enthusiasts is less demanding than a traditional theater. The atmospheric atmosphere at the lake shore is absolutely fascinating. Freely unmovable.

festival pucciniano hotel viareggio

10-Visit the Villa Borbone in the Pineta di Levante
Villa Borbone was built on Viale dei Tigli, which connects Viareggio to a fraction of Torre del Lago. After entering the entrance gate of the Villa we can immediately see a part of the large garden, which has three paths that reach the direction. The interior of the villa is very large, has many very large rooms and large windows. Next to the Villa we can also find a Chapel, which was built by Charles III of Bourbon and was dedicated to St. Charles Borromeo. For spicy fans there are events such as the Chili Pepper Show in the Villa's Garden, here you can see the different types of chili plants and you can also taste dishes with it inside, while for plant lovers there are also The manifestations of fat plants, carnivores and smells (basil, parsley, sage, mint, thyme)

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