How was the Bed and Breakfast service from which the acronym B&B born?

The literal meaning of bed and breakfast from which the acronym B&B, was born in the 60s in Anglo-Saxon countries and means "bed and breakfast" and emphasizes the simplicity of this type of structure, this concept of travel started to offer tourists a room and something to eat as soon as you wake up, the rest was done outside the structure.

In this way the prices were lowered and you had the possibility with little to travel and visit more new places. It was optimal for tourists who want to combine the convenience of accommodation with a low cost.

The activity, which has purely Anglo-Saxon origins, has spread considerably in recent years also in other Western countries: Germany, France and, obviously, Italy.

Surely a bed and breakfast is not the reason why a tourist visits a location.

But we, the staff of the Hotel Tahiti B&B Viareggio, will do our best to make your stay an experience to remember and tell with your reviews and feedback.

Maybe we will be able to attract new tourists to our b & b in Versilia to visit the beauties of Viareggio and enjoy the sea of ??the sun and the social life of Versilia. Savor the true Tuscan atmosphere in our bed and breakfast in Viareggio and live authentic experiences to be jealously guarded or shared with other travelers.

Initially this type of reception was aimed at a young audience, a lover of travel and without too many pretensions. With the spread on a continental scale, the Bed and Breakfast is also chosen as a travel style by families with children or groups of adults who choose to enjoy their holiday in complete freedom '.

The Bed and Breakfast formula is characterized by:

- A family context that makes you savor the "home" dimension;

- The possibility of coming into close contact with the reality of the place where you are staying.

- Not an excessive number of rooms.

- An affordable price

- High quality services.


We just have to wish you a good "bed and breakfast" to everyone!