Do we eat facing the sea or in the pine forest park?



Half board or full board service in outdoor restaurants.

This 2020/21 forced us to rethink our way of living and working and with this in mind I decided to avoid serving lunches within our structure but to use 2 partner restaurants.

Both solutions are designed to make you stay outdoors, I thought that in these periods one of our needs is precisely to breathe fresh air to cleanse the mind of the complicated moments we are experiencing.


The first solution that I propose to you is the “Bagno Carla” restaurant overlooking the pool facing the sea.


You get there by walking for about 350 meters from our hotel on the promenade you enter the bathing establishment and you will find yourself in a splendid location, overlooking the sea overlooking the pool.

The menu includes mixed starters to choose between sea and land and a first or second course to choose from the dishes of the day of sea or land, and a side dish (spaghetti with clams, cacciucco, fried calamari, peppered mussels to make some example ).

For your children there is a small playground on the beach where they can play safely.

The tables are spaced and the covid regulations respected, you will have to access the table with the mask and you can remove it when you sit down.

Huge portions. Very kind and friendly staff, attentive to customer needs. Including water and 1/4 wine.

The second possibility, the "Arcobaleno" restaurant

It can be reached by entering the western pine forest, in front of us and walking for about 50 meters.

It is a very popular place full of life and energy, during the summer, a large outdoor area is set up in the shade of the pine trees in an area rich in nature, if you prefer you can always ask to stay inside.

The menu includes appetizers to choose from mixed sea, mixed land, seafood salad, panzerotti and raw ham, a first or second choice (sea ravioli, spaghetti with clams and bottarga, trabaccolara, coltellacci, tordelli al ragu ', fried fish, grilled meat and fish, mussel soup, to name a few).

There are no dangers for your children because there are no cars in the park

The tables are spaced and the covid regulations respected, you will have to access the table with the mask and you can take it off when you sit down.

At the end the dessert will be served. Huge portions. Very kind and friendly staff, attentive to customer needs. Including water and 1/4 wine.

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Hotel Viareggio Full Board

We celebrate Tuscan taste and cuisine

food is a fundamental component when traveling, especially if your destination is Viareggio.

In my city the recipes are handed down from generation to generation, they are born from our history to enhance what our sea and our land offers.

Many of them are born from the seafaring tradition and from the need to use the unsold and transform the so-called poor fish into recipes with a delicious taste.

Cacciucco, trabaccolara, coltellacci, cuttlefish and chard, cicadas, crognoli, bianchini, nchi or clams, are some names that you may not know now, but they will certainly thrill you when you taste them. Then there was the countryside and the products of the earth.

From there other dishes and typical dishes with a unique taste are born, my favorites, the cecina di rizieri, the tordelli, the salami of gombitelli, the scarpaccia, and continuing on the pastry, rice puddings, the bombe della fauzia and much more.

in this 2021 we suspended the meal service in the hotel but don't worry because we make you eat in 2 fantastic partner restaurants that will thrill your palate with the delicacies of the Viareggio cuisine.

The following was the description of our cuisine that we do not want to delete but we will make sure that at Carla or at the Arcobaleno they treat you even better than that!

The full board service that the Hotel Tahiti in Viareggio offers is of the highest quality.

Our chef takes care of each course with simplicity and skill. If you decide to book the full board service, for lunch and dinner you will always have a choice between two first courses, one from land and one from the sea and between classic sauces such as pomarola, ragù or pesto alla genovese; also for the main courses you can choose between fish or meat.

We are a hotel on the sea so the fish will always be of excellent quality and we will prepare delicious mixed fried fish, baked, grilled, island fish, a fabulous spaghetti with seafood or a nice mixed grill.

An excellent extra virgin olive oil, is a selection of Tuscan wines and the famous Tuscan bread, will always be available as well as typical inland products, meats and cheeses.

Always with an eye for children, mothers ask us what you want for your children and we will be more than happy to satisfy you.

So if you want a totally relaxing holiday, if you don't want to have to choose a different place to dine every evening, if you want to go out from the sea, relax with a shower in your room and have a cozy restaurant that is already waiting for you, choose our hotel with full board and you will not regret it. Be demanding!

We want to please you

Greetings from the staff of the Hotel Tahiti.

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