Free beach

Viareggio Free beach  "Darsena's Beach" the wild one


Sea and sun  in this wonderful natural beach located at the end of the Avenue where a major part of the viareggio nightlife takes place. After passing a long series of bathing establishments on Avenue Europa, after a bar the kilometers and miles of the ultraprotet beach of the Migliarino-San Rossore-Massaciuccoli. Natural Park begin a long stretch of sand stretching 5 km from Viareggio to Torre del Lago Puccini , Then continues to the mouth of the Serchio river, very wide over 200 mt and behind the lush vegetation of the eastern pinewood, part of the park of San Rossore. In a wonderful natural environment a succession of low vegetation dunes join the beach at Pinewood where you can live the sea in the wild state, stretch The towel on the fine sand lets you bark from the sun, listen to the natural sound of the sea and breathe in the air that is a mix of scents between the salty and the inebriating aroma the low vegetation Sand dunes at your shoulders, a fragrance of island scattered in the middle of the sea. You can also take a long walk on the paths inside the pine forest to the area known as "Lecciona", which can be reached on foot or by bike from the narrow streets that cut the pine forest, crossing wooden bridges to overcome the natural ponds that form for the It rains in some places. The beach, the dunes, the pine forest and behind the "Apuan Alps". Creepy. The sea is very clean, but sometimes the sandy backdrop makes the color slightly opaque. From the environmental point of view, this is one of the few stretches of sandy coast of Tuscan nature, with dune features pioneered vegetation It allows for consolidation, thus opposing erosion. For nature lovers it is a must-see event in Viareggio.
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spiaggia-libera-darsena-viareggio-mare-spiaggia-mareSpiaggia libera Darsena Viareggio mare spiaggia mare:

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