Grotta del vento

The Grotta del Vento is located in the north of Tuscany, in Garfagnana, in the center of the Apuan Alps Park, in an area rich in spectacular and interesting karst phenomena. Here atmospheric agents continually dig, sculpt and model limestone rocks, giving rise to majestic natural sculptures, such as the Panie Massif, the massive natural arch of Mount Forato or the stone falls and crevices of the Vetricia Plateau.
Immersed in this enchanting setting, the Cave of the Wind presents an exceptional variety of aspects of underground carrumation ranging from vibrant and brilliant stalactites and stalagmites to lakes, streams, erosion forms, mud formations and even perfectly vertical wells that can Be visited with comfortable trails.
The choice of various tour itineraries makes it an ideal destination for excursions to singles, couples, families, school or adult groups, gatherings, etc.